Monday, September 9, 2013

Fine Art Maternity- Part 2 :: Tacoma Family and Maternity Photographer ::

Annnnnd, here's part 2 of the fine art maternity shots.  It's been an exciting weekend, full of intrigue, anxiety and rebuilding my Facebook fan page.  I'm working on a blog post about that, but in the meantime, take a mosey over to the new one and give it a like, will you?  I'll wait.  :D

Back already?  AWESOME.  Now you get to see the rest of the fine art maternity photos.  Yes, some of these are the same images as the previos, because I couldn't decide which I liked better!  Ahhhh, the beauty of shooting digital.

I'll soon be offering this service, as I LOVED this.  I love the light, love the posing, love the fact that it's not in a field or a lake or anywhere else.  It's pure figure work, which I adore doing.  Stay tuned for pricing here, as it's not going to fall under my usual portrait prices.