Friday, September 6, 2013

Fine Art Maternity, Part 1- Tacoma Family and Maternity Photographer

A few weeks ago a fellow photographer asked in a group I'm part of if anyone would like to do some fine art photos.  She was itching to do something and well, I'm always up for it.  I suggested we do some Weston-esque work, another, very pregnant, member volunteered to pose and a shoot was born!

The shoot was awesome.  Emily was fine with doing pretty much whatever we wanted her to do.  Alisha was really open to different types of lighting and working outside her comfort zone.  I was excited to finally shoot FILM again.  There was digital, too, but FILM.  OMG.  

It ended up with Alisha using the strobes and me shooting with the available light from the modeling lamp.  I was perfectly happy with that.  I like mono lights.  I like continuous, touchy lighting.  It was exactly what I was going for when we first planned the shoot.  The images I got surprised me in some ways, but not in others.  Then there was the happy accident in Lightroom....  I clicked a button, not meaning to use that one and all of a sudden the images were perfect.  The lighting, the color, all came together on that set and I didn't have the heart to turn them black and white.  Some got both treatments, as you'll see in the next installment.  These had NO retouching, as I just don't do that, unless there's something I screwed up.  What you see is who Emily is.  And she's BEAUTIFUL.  

Before you get pic spammed, a big, HUGE thanks to Alisha Liker of and Emily Caldwell.  If you want to see what Alisha shot today, take a trip over to her blog, My Lens and I.  

Now, the photos!