Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Mash-up- Tacoma Wedding and Family Photographer

You may have noticed I'm working to revitalize this blog a bit.  I think I've worked out a schedule, things that will make the posting schedule a little more reliable and interesting.  Maybe a wedding or family session I shot, possibly a senior.

Mondays will be an open topic.  Maybe things I did over the weekend, thoughts on photography, random things I find on the internet.  I'll try to include a photo or two, but no promises.  

Tuesdays will be Technique Tuesdays.  It may be talking about a new technique, explaining how certain things in your camera work, bits on developing, etc.  Think technical info.  

On Wednesdays, I want to do Working Wednesday, where I feature another business, like I did last week with T&H Fiber.  I strongly believe in networking with other businesses.  I'm going to feature other photographers, but also just other businesses.  It helps everyone! 

Thursdays will be Throwback Thursdays!  Because WHY NOT?  It's fun, it's silly, and I really enjoy looking back at where I came from.  

Friday will Photo(grapher) Friday.  I'm still working on this one, but I think I'll pick a photographer from my art history knowledge and talk about their work, or pick a photo and discuss it.  I need to get back into my art language.  This will be a good way to do it.  

I'm takin the weekends off.  :D  I may put some Instagrams, but everyone needs a break, right?  :D 

So, in honor of today being a mash up, here's a shot from when I was going through all my old photos last week.  I'm busily working on my MFA portfolio, scanning in all the images I'll need to print this summer.  I'm hoping to have the transparencies printed in April and have the first batch ready to print in May.  I'm teaching classes at Tacoma Community College and for the MSL program at UW Tacoma in cyanotypes that month.