Monday, September 9, 2013

Fine Art Maternity- Part 2 :: Tacoma Family and Maternity Photographer ::

Annnnnd, here's part 2 of the fine art maternity shots.  It's been an exciting weekend, full of intrigue, anxiety and rebuilding my Facebook fan page.  I'm working on a blog post about that, but in the meantime, take a mosey over to the new one and give it a like, will you?  I'll wait.  :D

Back already?  AWESOME.  Now you get to see the rest of the fine art maternity photos.  Yes, some of these are the same images as the previos, because I couldn't decide which I liked better!  Ahhhh, the beauty of shooting digital.

I'll soon be offering this service, as I LOVED this.  I love the light, love the posing, love the fact that it's not in a field or a lake or anywhere else.  It's pure figure work, which I adore doing.  Stay tuned for pricing here, as it's not going to fall under my usual portrait prices.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

New Pricing- Tacoma Family and Wedding Photographer

The time has come, my friends, to talk of many things.  In that case, it's pricing.

Prices are changing effective immediately.  The cost of doing business has gone up, your wants and needs have changed and to be honest, I'm trying to simplify things.  People want digital files.  So digital files you get! Portrait pricing is as follows:

Deluxe Package- $600; includes 20 digital images and a 20x30 canvas 
Basic Package- $475; includes 15 digital images 

Military and emergency personnel discount- $50

Yup, just two packages.  Easy peasy!  

But what about prints?  No worries.  They're still available, as are canvases, albums and a few other goodies.  I know people like to be able to order prints a the same time they download their images.  Makes it easy.  But I don't want people to have to pick and choose right away.  The prices on those are changing, too, but not by much.  I HAVE discontinued wallets, since no one seemed to want them. 

ProductPriceExtra Shipping 
4" x 6" Print - Lustre$10.00$0.00   
5" x 7" Print - Lustre$15.00$0.00   
11x14 Canvas$70.00$0.00   
16x20 Canvas$150.00$10.00   
20x24 Canvas$175.00$10.00   
20x30 Canvas$175.00$10.00   
24x30 Canvas$190.00$10.00   
24x36 Canvas$190.00$10.00   
30x40 Canvas$225.00$10.00   
20x60 Canvas$225.00$10.00   
32x48 Canvas$300.00$10.00   
4x8 Accordian Book$60.00$0.00  
Finally, homecoming prices are going up as well.  Homecomings are now $225.  This includes the on-call time, 70-100 images, 

Even though I'm simplifying packages, I'll be adding some special sessions, with pricing all their own.  Stay tuned for details about Comic Book sessions (which will include a custom printed comic book!) and Fine Art Maternity and Boudoir!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Fine Art Maternity, Part 1- Tacoma Family and Maternity Photographer

A few weeks ago a fellow photographer asked in a group I'm part of if anyone would like to do some fine art photos.  She was itching to do something and well, I'm always up for it.  I suggested we do some Weston-esque work, another, very pregnant, member volunteered to pose and a shoot was born!

The shoot was awesome.  Emily was fine with doing pretty much whatever we wanted her to do.  Alisha was really open to different types of lighting and working outside her comfort zone.  I was excited to finally shoot FILM again.  There was digital, too, but FILM.  OMG.  

It ended up with Alisha using the strobes and me shooting with the available light from the modeling lamp.  I was perfectly happy with that.  I like mono lights.  I like continuous, touchy lighting.  It was exactly what I was going for when we first planned the shoot.  The images I got surprised me in some ways, but not in others.  Then there was the happy accident in Lightroom....  I clicked a button, not meaning to use that one and all of a sudden the images were perfect.  The lighting, the color, all came together on that set and I didn't have the heart to turn them black and white.  Some got both treatments, as you'll see in the next installment.  These had NO retouching, as I just don't do that, unless there's something I screwed up.  What you see is who Emily is.  And she's BEAUTIFUL.  

Before you get pic spammed, a big, HUGE thanks to Alisha Liker of and Emily Caldwell.  If you want to see what Alisha shot today, take a trip over to her blog, My Lens and I.  

Now, the photos!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tracey and Spencer- Olympia Wedding :: Tacoma and Olympia Wedding Photographer

When I first moved to Tacoma last year, I stayed with someone who ended becoming one of my closest friends.  She was awesome, and amazing and took in a family and their cat in need of a place to stay until they could move into the house they were busy closing on.  We only knew each other via the internet.  Luckily, neither of us were serial killers.

This blog is not about her.  But because of her, this blog is happening.


You see my friend had a sister.  A sister who was getting married. This sister needed a wedding photographer.  I'm a wedding photographer!  So in January, I met up with her and her fiance, we decided we all liked each other and some AWESOME photos were born.

Meet Tracey and Spencer.

Yes, that pretty much sums Tracey up.  She was an amazingly fun person to shoot.  She gave me pretty much free rein to shoot whatever and however I wanted.  The wedding was super relaxed, and the food?  AMAZING!  

Anyway, you're here for photos, not words.  Enjoy.  

(Me again)

Ok, so this series is probably my favorite set of wedding photos. There were these old RVs on the property, so we decided to shoot a short editorial.  It's Tracey, seeing her future as a military wife.  

(I kid.  I'm a former military spouse.  Housing isn't this bad.  Ususally.)  

And then they danced.  And Tracey danced with her dad to a big mash up of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Walk Like an Egyptian.  It was hilarious!

Finally, I'd like to give a big shout out to my second shooter, Amanda Cameron of Amanda Cameron Photography.  She did a fantastic job, and I couldn't have done it without her.  Thanks, Amanda!!